Whether you require the development of a complex suite of programs, the creation of a simple Microsoft Access database application or the addition or amendment of functionality to existing software, with over twenty years' experience of software development in a variety of business sectors including education, retail, legal, finance and mobile telecommunications you can rest assured that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.

Both desktop and web based applications can be developed according to your specifications, employing a wide variety of programming languages and technologies.

Please contact us for further information and discover how we may be able to help you to improve the efficiency of your business.
Whether you require the development of a complex suite of applications, a DLL to be integrated into an existing system or additions or amendments made to existing applications, the software can be developed to your specifications, employing a variety of programming languages including C++, C#, Visual Basic and Java. Microsoft Access database applications with a full GUI can be developed with the inclusion of VBA functionality, and can, if required, integrate with other applications in the Microsoft Office suite. Excel spreadsheets can also be created, including VBA functionality, pivot tables, lookups etc, facilitating extensive data analysis. Programming work undertaken is primarily in Windows environments, but C++, Java, Perl and Python development on the Linux platform is also available.
desktop application development Desktop application development may include:
  • Database driven functionality
  • Client/server solutions
  • Windows applications with GUI:
  • Multiple Document Interface
  • Single Document Interface
  • Dialog based applications
  • Windows applications developed using Winforms or WPF
  • Console based applications
  • TCP/IP socket connectivity
  • HTTP transactions
  • FTP related functionality
  • Multi-threaded applications
  • Serial communications
  • File manipulation and merging
  • Integration with web based solutions
 web based development
Web based applications, whether intended for the internet, your company intranet or CMS, a new website or additions or amendments to an existing one, can be developed to your specifications, employing a variety of programming languages and technologies including PHP (typically used in conjunction with MySQL databases for websites hosted on Linux servers), Classic ASP or ASP.NET (Webforms, MVC, Web API etc., used for Windows hosted websites, written in either C# or Visual Basic and often linked to SQL Server databases), HTML, Javascript and jQuery, CSS, XML and XSLT, AJAX, Java and CGI applications written in C or C++.

Web based application development may include:
  • Database driven web pages
  • Login functionality
  • Content management or administration systems facilitating the dynamic updating of website content by users
  • Automated emails (sent in reponse to a user action, despatching newsletters etc.)
  • Integration of online payment solutions such as WorldPay
  • File uploading
  • Javascript functionality (including jQuery, Angular JS etc.)
  • Creation of reports (displayed as web pages or exported to Microsoft Excel, XML or PDF formats)
  • XML/XSLT stylesheet transformation
  • RSS feeds
Whether you require your system analysed and a new database designed and created, amendments made to an existing one, or SQL scripts created to extract or manipulate data, with over twenty years' experience of working with a variety of RDBMS including MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle, databases and SQL scripts can be created and, where required, integrated into your desktop or web based applications.

Development may include data normalisation with the possible addition of stored procedures, triggers, cascading updates and deletions etc.

We are also happy to undertake data exports or migrations where, for example, 'two dimensional' data stored in spreadsheets requires normalisation and conversion into a format where it can be stored in a relational database to allow for more efficient interrogation.
Tuition is available for all ages and levels of knowledge, whether you require instruction on, for example, how to create a simple spreadsheet or change the format of a Word document, understanding the fundamentals of programming, developing a complete database driven website using the latest technology, designing a complex relational database or creating a multithreaded DLL to be incorporated into other applications.
Available areas of tuition include:
  • Microsoft Offce
  • Access - table design, forms, reports, VBA coding etc.
  • Excel - use of multiple worksheets, formulas and functions, lookups, conditional formatting, pivot tables, importing and exporting data, using the developer toolbox (including listboxes, drop down lists, checkboxes, text fields), VBA coding etc.
  • Word - headers and footers, mail merge, page layout, document navigation and review, using the developer toolbox (including listboxes, drop down lists, checkboxes, text fields), VBA coding etc.
  • Fundamentals of programming; logic, loops, data types, program structure, object orientated design etc.
  • Relational databases, including database design, SQL queries, data normalisation, importing and exporting data etc.
  • Web development using HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, VB, Javascript (including AJAX, jQuery and other JS frameworks), XML/XSLT etc.
  • Desktop application development using C++, Java (both Win32 or Linux), C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Windows (MDI, SDI or dialog based UI) and console applications, DLLs, TCP/IP, multithreading etc.
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